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Best Team Name Contests

How do we pick teams for a Best Team Name Contest?

Simple: we like names that are clever, original and/or related to the event.

If we’ve seen the name before it probably won’t make it into the contest…unless it’s a repeat from a previous year.

We also don’t use names that are overly profane or wildly offensive. Some names are hilarious but would make our Facebook pages NSFW.

There are also WAY too many “snatch” jokes. We get it. They’re funny. Please stop.

Does it matter which Box the team is from?  Nope.  

Don’t you just give the prizes to your girlfriend?  No.  I’m married and the people who work for me are geeks and don’t have girlfriends. 

Coming to a ReblCa Event near you.  #crossfit #nsfsports #mayhem #flex 

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