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Flex on the Beach by Events AsRx and Flex Events. 

Photo by Super Cleary

One of my favorites from Flex On The Beach 2013.  It’s like an old-school gangster movie with a really fit cast.  

Stop crying. You’re embarrassing yourself.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal about younger Americans preferring to run slow and eschew competition highlights exactly why CrossFit is so popular: It’s hard. On purpose.  

Many of us are tired of a crybaby culture where soccer teams don’t keep score, parents are afraid of their children and “everyone is a winner”. Newsflash! Not everyone is a winner. Only the person who finishes first is the winner. If your soccer team loses by 10 goals, you suck. Fix it.

That’s how life works. That’s how sports should work and, with CrossFit, it’s how training works. No excuses. No BS. Just get it done.  

In a society that prefers “self esteem” to kicking-ass CrossFit is a beacon of hope. Self esteem should come from actually being good at something. Sometimes your self esteem should be low. Sometimes you should feel bad. If not, what’s the point of working hard or being good at anything? 

I love it when my son gets out of CrossFit Kids and tells me he got destroyed. Good. Remember how bad that felt and get better. It’s an important lesson that should be taught in the low-consequence realm of sport instead of at your first job interview.  

CrossFit is full of people who don’t complain about the lack of A/C when the temperature tops 100 degrees. It’s awesome. You know where it’s hot? Iraq. You know where life is hard? Africa. By embracing the suck for an hour a day we remember how great life is, how privileged we are and how hard we have to work to achieve success.  

Go Army!
Kalian Osborn
Super Dad

Kalian Osborn is the Owner of ReblCa Inc. and Events AsRx

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